Hohner Echo Tremolo Tuned Harmonica – Key Of CG


The Sound Heard Around the World. Made by Hohner since 1925. The Tremolo harmonica?s distinguishing feature is that it has two rows of reeds for each note, with one tuned slightly sharp and the other slightly flat. This provides a unique wavering or warbling sound created by the two reeds being slightly out of tune with each other, and the difference in their subsequent waveforms interacting with each other. These so called 2-voice instruments are ideally suitable for traditional folk music.

– Maple wood comb
– Double-sided instrument ? 2 harmonicas in 1!
– 0.9 mm brass reed plates
– Stainless steel covers
– Opposing sides are tuned a fifth apart
– 64 reeds
– tunings: C/G
– Made in Germany

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